The one where I answer reader questions

One of the lovely things about seeing my books in the hands of readers is that the conversation doesn’t end when they turn the last page. So many readers ask me questions about my books and writing process. That might be as part of a book review, in an email, or as a comment on social media. So I thought I’d take the time to answer the most frequently asked questions here on my blog.

Are Haven Wakes and Magic Bound set in our world?

While the setting of the Haven Chronicles is similar to what our future may look like, there are definite differences. For a start, there are place names like Caercester and the Black Strait that are versions of places in our world.

The technology in the world of the Haven Chronicles, such as the vast number of robots, suggests that the world of the novels is on a slightly different and sometimes more advanced scientific path to our own.

So no, Haven Wakes and Magic Bound aren’t set in our world. Instead, they take place in a twin (but not identical) world to the one we know.

Do you already know what will happen at the end of the series?

Absolutely, but I can’t say I’ve known about it from the start. The idea developed as I wrote Magic Bound and then book three. Something happens at the end of Magic Bound that starts a series of events and sets one of the characters on a completely new path. Not even my publisher knows about it.

So yes, I know how the series will end.

Where do you get your character names from?

Some characters, like Hartley Keg, turn up ready named. I have no explanation for how my imagination does that. Other characters take a little more thought. I’ll generally start with a name search based on the meaning of that name. Does it match the personality and other details of the character? The sound of the name and its rhythm matters too, especially when adding a surname to the mix.

I sometimes use names that I already know; some are even from my family tree. Or they might be completely new to me and found by searching for a name that means ‘river’ or ‘warrior’.

Do you have to read the Haven Chronicles series in order?

You can find the answer to this in my March blog post.

What inspired you to write Haven Wakes and Magic Bound?

I’ve blogged about what inspired me to write my novels, Haven Wakes and Magic Bound, in the run up to the release of each book. Here are the links to those blog posts:

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If you have any more questions about my novels, please do ask. You can drop me an email or contact me through Instagram, Facebook, or X/Twitter.