Magic Bound

The magic returns.

When Hartley Keg and Blessing go missing, Steve Haven, the young heir to the Haven Robotics Corporation, is once again plunged back into the chaos of the hidden world of the magicals.

Teaming up with the darkling, he finds himself on the run from the Council and their enforcers, the Hidden, as he seeks to keep safe those he holds most dear.

Things are complicated further when a new player emerges: the Parity, who are far too keen in the Haven Corporation and the magical device which nearly led to its destruction.

What follows is a race not only against time but through a series of locations, each more fantastical and dangerous than the last, as Steve and his friends try to keep one step ahead of their pursuers.

Magic Bound is the second adventure in the Haven Chronicles, following on from Haven Wakes, a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi which has been described by readers as “shades of Artemis Fowl, hints of Harry Potter… and Skulduggery Pleasant”.

Steve and his friends are on the run from a new threat. Who is friend and who is foe? That's what Steve must discover. Paperback copy of Magic Bound.

Magic Bound was published by Burning Chair on 2nd August 2022.

Available in both e-book and paperback, you can buy Magic Bound on Amazon and in all your favourite book stores.